Wendy Barker has taught since 1966, when she was hired to teach sophomore and senior English at Saguaro High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. Between 1968 and 1972, she taught ninth grade English at the West Campus of Berkeley High School in California.

She taught freshman comp as a T.A. at Arizona State University and at the University of California at Davis.

Since coming to the University of Texas in San Antonio in 1982, she has taught a wide range of undergraduate courses in literature, including not only American literature surveys, but also courses in modern British and American poetry and fiction, women and literature, feminist theory, and introduction to literature for non-majors. She has taught many senior seminars on a wide range of topics and creative writing courses at all levels.

In the graduate program, she has taught literary topics courses on several subjects, including poetry as a genre, myth and modern poetry, feminist poetics, Whitman and Dickinson, 19th Century American literature, and, most recently, ecocritism and American poetry. 

She regularly teaches senior-level and graduate creative writing workshops.

Wendy has also taught workshops for independent arts organizations such as the Writer’s Garret in Dallas and Gemini Ink in San Antonio.